Our Games

We strive to create games that are extremely fun to play!    We have spent over two years playing and changing our first game so that the rules are easy to understand and almost anyone can play it.  We invite you to make up your own scenarios within the game, we would love to feature some of the best on our community page.  Happy Gaming! 

Rich story & Artwork

While many companies strive for the most visually stunning artwork within a game often the story and gameplay are overlooked.  Here at Dark Orbit Games the story and gameplay come first!  We hope to partner with establised authors to enrich the universe and characters of our games.  We don't forget artwork either we have worked with artists all over the world to create some stunning in game artwork, miniatures and visually rich features.  Check out our games to see for yourselves!

Our Team

Dark Orbit Games team members have varing skills and pastimes, however we all have a love of entertaining and fun to play games.   With family members and avid gamers included in our team we hope that Dark Orbit Games can produce games that suit varing stlyes, ages and topics.  Check out our team member bios on the about us page if you are curious.